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A Brief "Q And A" With DSoL Productions

With Cliff, DJ Th'Elf

Article written by The Madhatter

Jan 30th 2007

Q; Its been just over a year since DSOL started

its Cold Steel Thursdays in Hamilton, care to

talk about the decision to bring events to

the Hamilton Scene?

A; Why Hamilton? Why not? *chuckle* Honestly, Kitchener's

scene is vibrant but small and we were looking to

expand. Guelph has a mediocre night except that it's

free and that's hard to compete against. London has a

great group running a clubnight there. So we looked

south past the 401. We'd noted that in Hamilton you'd

see the alternative kids, the darklings, the goths and

rivetheads downtown dressed for wandering... like

Queen West. So we checked out a few clubs and found

one we liked.

Q; So why Absinthe, what drew you guys to this particular club?

A; The size, the two floors and the possibility for doing

a lot there that you just can't in a one floored club.

It offered good diversity. The downstairs portion

wowed me with the decor and the feel. And then we met

the management and were impressed with how welcoming

they were, how much they were into community building.

Q; Care to talk about some of the guests that have come

to Absinthe?

A; Ah, where to start *grin* We've had some great bands

in there. Perdition, Defence Mechanism, H427,

Promonium Jesters, Virtigo, Nanochrist and more. We've

tried to offer variety upstairs... not always the same

kind of band or artist. Sometimes harder, sometimes

more casual, but always worth seeing.

Q; Out of all the nights that have past at Absinthe

have there been any that have really stood out?

A; Easter Weekend, '06. Schedule conflicts resulted in

our shifting to the Friday and it was packed! We got

to work with WINK Burlesque for the first time and the

girls were great. A high energy, solid and fun night

all 'round.

Hallowe'en, I'm told [I wasn't there... I do a

Hallowe'en festival in the US every year] was

fantastic as well. Great crowd, great feeling... very


But y'know, and I'm not just being political here,

every night we've had has been a damned good, fun

night. The people, the bands, the designers, the


Q; So you guys have brought Sin City to Hamilton, what

prompted this decision?

A; Well, we had started Sin City in Cambridge but

decisions by the club left us without a home. In

speaking with some people in Hamilton it was suggested

[strongly] that we move it to the Werx. A serious chat

with management and it happened!

We've been very happy with the Werx. Though getting

the third floor going, on a monthly Sunday, is tough.

We're giving it a rest until Easter and the long

weekend season.

Q; Lets say I have never been to Sin City at The Werx,

what would I expect.

A; Upstairs or down? *chuckle*

The third floor is a huge space with a fantastic dance

floor. Great lighting system and great sound. It's all

request dark alternative up there, with occasional

extras like fashion shows or burlesque dancers.

The basement is another thing... it's a fetish play

area for the night. People in skimpy clothing, or

latex, or corsets or... well, something sexy. Play

furniture scattered throughout two rooms. But really

it's about socializing and enjoying. There's a lot of

chatting and hanging out while the furniture [benches

and crosses and chains and the like] see a fair amount

of use. A very friendly crowd.

Q; With the New Year just past are they any exciting

ideas for the coming year?

A; Oh yes, all sorts of 'em *grin*

Some I can't [or won't] say just yet... don't want to

jinx anything.

We're moving Cold Steel to Friday nights, though that

means we have to give up the top floor for the time

being, until we get the kind of crowd where we can

command the entire bar again.

Sin City will see a little tweaking and we've a BIG

surprise in the works for Easter weekend. And we've

been invited to open a Sin City night in Toronto as

well, so this will offer some good cross traffic, we


And we're talking to more than a few bands, big and

small, with thoughts of giving Hamilton a year to



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