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Dsol does it again and hosts another SINCITY @ The Works

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Android Lust, Virtigo, Holocaust 427, Defense Mechanism and Fractured
A Darker Side Of Light Production.
Article written by Dani Croft

In the clutches of a cold December night, 120 people braved the elements and made their way to the Funhaus in Toronto. Android Lust had come to town from New York City to play the Funhaus others who came were Holocaust 427, Defense Mechanism, Virtigo and Fractured with D.J’s Stevens and Arc Wraith. Once the doors opened the club was quickly filled with the dark, industrial loving inhabitants of Toronto and surrounding areas. Holocaust was 1st to perform, igniting the night with a song of post apocalyptic magnificence. Before Holocaust had finished their set the Funhaus Security had already been active and removed a very drunk possibly chemical cocktailed patron from the club, for harassing the other people attending. Defense Mechanism was up next after a short intermission filled up by the Wraith Working the D.J booth.

Shortly after came Virtigo a Toronto black metal industrial band, a few minor technical difficulties followed their opening song but the problem was quickly over come and the show went on. Virtigo played deep dark heavy guitar riffs backed up by harsh vocals and menacing keys, all flowing together with the pounding bass lines coming from Neohuman. The band reached their last song and went out with a bang with some witty stage theatrics from the singer who “committed suicide” on stage by slashing his own throat. The band got off stage and quickly the stage was cluttered by employees of the darker side of light taking virtigo’s stage props and equipment back stage.

Android Lust was up next, during the intermission and stage set up, I had the chance to meet the band members of Android Lust, all of which were amazing people and were being very social, as all the bands were. Android Lust’s stage was set and the band members got into positions for the 1st song. Front woman and writer of the music, Shikhee, sent a serpent like tone through out the club followed by Mars on guitar with Brent and Chris Jon of I Parasite working keys, bass and drums. After the onslaught of songs and dancing fans, Shikhee slowed things down a bit with an enchanting acoustic version of “refuse” to which the crowd gathered close to the stage to absorb. Lit up by the stage lights and the flashing of cameras Front woman Shikhee belted out the last verse and the song came to a close. The grand finale of the night was Unbeliever, which had everyone dancing once again. The song came to a close, the fans were thanked, the last few pictures were taken then the band was gone back stage once again. I met with Shikhee and thanked her for coming out, wished her a good journey back to New York and called a close to the night.

Cliff, one of the founders of the Darker Side Of Light productions a few days later informed me that Android Lust had enjoyed themselves a lot at the Funhaus and are interested in coming back! A new idea is brewing within DSOL productions so keep your self posted here at www.bringinthenight.com. See you at the next show


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